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$punky #381

$punky #381 says:

PUNK is Tribute Brand’s groundbreaking fashion collection that seamlessly merges the real and virtual worlds. Experience unparalleled self-expression with our innovative blend of physical and digital elements.


$punky #549

$punky #549 says:

Each PUNK tracksuit is individually treated with innovative artisanal procedures to give it an intentionally destroyed look, with small variations between garments making each one unique.

PUNK tracksuits feature an embedded Tribute Touch chip to connect the real and virtual world. The chip connects you to your digital items for personalized mixed-reality experiences and cross-universe self-expression. For additional personalization you can add your favorite song or any other link to share with friends. The chip further enables authentication, provides product information, and gives you access to exclusive events.

The tracksuits are made from 100% cotton jersey and come in pink and black.

A unique $PUNKY avatar and PUNK logo are included in every tracksuit purchase
Animation of Punk logo variations


$punky #861

$punky #861 says:

PUNK logo is a generative typeface and the blueprint for all your PUNK identities. The logo ensures authenticity, ownership, and generates a unique skin for your $PUNKY virtual pet.

Both $PUNKY & generative PUNK logo are included with every tracksuit.

Click GENERATE to discover many versions of PUNK.

$punky #637PUNK logo #637

Tailored to all your realities

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