• Tribute Brand is an innovative company that makes digital clothing which consumers can buy and "paste" onto themselves.

    Tribute Brand launched in April 2020, and has since set the course for the global digital fashion market, selling out their drops and partnering with luxury fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera along the way. Today, the digital fashion world is synonymous with the iconic looks that Tribute Brand has pioneered.


  • PUNK is a digital-first project that brings the principles of fashion to the virtual and physical realms. Inspired by the iconic Victoria’s Secret PINK brand, PUNK departs from the once misogynistic stereotypes surrounding the company, using elements of distress to make a statement about Victoria’s Secret beauty standards and how they’ve impacted culture.

    PUNK holders will have access to three assets: $PUNKY, a 3D digital downloadable creature with unique-to-holder traits that can be used as an avatar as well as an interactive AR object within the new Tribute App and various mixed-world settings; a redeemable NFC chip-enabled physical PUNK tracksuit that will interact with the Tribute App and bridge physical and virtual experiences; and a PUNK typeface, a generative, unique-to-holder logo that can be used as a PFP and is a core source of the other assets’ traits. Physical items are expected to ship early 2023.

  • Tribute Brand assets are available for anyone with a crypto wallet or paper.xyz payment provider service. While a crypto wallet requires purchase with Ethereum currency, using paper.xyz enables purchase with credit card.

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