Fashion company tailored to all your realities

Tribute Brand creates products and services at the intersection of fashion and technology. We propose a radical vision for fashion that bridges real and virtual worlds and challenges industry standards through innovative use of emerging technologies.

Operating as a collective since its launch in 2020, Tribute Brand garnered a global following with their ‘contactless’ digital fashion looks that are now cult favorites. Their highly influential designs led to collaborations with luxury fashion houses, including Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera. Initially a digital fashion brand, their PUNK collection (2022) connected physical products to virtual items and experiences. Groundbreaking project ODDS (2023) pioneered code-based knitwear, introducing Tribute Brand’s Generator as an outfit builder enabling hyper personalization and co-creation.

Tribute Brand’s co-founder and CEO Gala Marija Vrbanić was recognized by Vogue Business as one of the Top 100 innovators of 2023 whose “aesthetic and process have gone on to influence others”. An initial seed round in 2022 closed at $4.5 million, reflecting the industry’s trust in Tribute Brand’s unique vision on tech wear.


Our Approach

We interpret fashion through the lens of various mediums and formats, resulting in products that can be experienced in physical and virtual spaces. We use hacking as a design tool fueled by a fascination with the ambiguous boundaries of online authorship, while taking inspiration from video games such as The Sims and Grand Theft Auto.

Challenging traditional fashion industry practices is integral to our vision. Digital fashion is arguably the most radical approach towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. Craftsmanship and durability are essential for our physical products, with digital IDs providing product transparency and traceability. 

Our comprehensive in-house developed infrastructure enables interconnectedness between products across different realities and collections. Current services include Tribute Brand Generator for unique-to-customer generative fashion, Tribute Touch NFC tags for connecting clothes with digital experiences, AR skins available via Tribute Brand mobile app, interactive digital 3D objects, avatars, and Premium Fitting Service.


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