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ODDS are 100% zero waste one-off sweaters using surplus yarns, a “system of chance”, and digital token blueprints based on generative Chromie Squiggle code, in collaboration between Tribute Brand, Waste Yarn Project, and Chromie Squiggles. A digital script transforms the Chromie Squiggle source code to generate unique physical and digital wearables linked to individual Chromie Squiggles, with each item being uniquely tied to its owner but instantly recognizable as 1of1ofX to everyone.

The script takes a seed input, which is used to control a variety of different variables in each Chromie Squiggle, creating an on-chain token storing instructions for producing physical sweaters and virtual experience in the form of digital skins. In the future, the tokens can be used as a blueprint for future production and editions.

The main variable that determines the look of the sweater is a Chromie Squiggle type (normal, bold, fuzzy, slinky, ribbed, pipe), the terms that are commonly used in knitwear to describe the yarn’s appearance or the knitting stitch. The Chromie Squiggle type, along with three other variables (color spread, steps between, and segments), controls the colors and their distribution across the knitted panels.

Due to available surplus yarns and blends used to ensure an always-soft hand feel and durability in the final physical product, the sweaters sometimes oddly match the actual Chromie Squiggles colors, making each sweater's composition different. This controlled randomness makes ODDS so beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Each sweater has an NFC chip that connects to the Tribute App. This connection serves as an interoperability tool, providing care instructions, and the ability to change the digital appearance of the sweater via AR technology.

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