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From Tribute Text, a free reading archive edited by Tribute Brand

PUNK - a blockchain-based generative drop is up and that’s hot!

PUNK (/pʌŋk/) is a tribute to PINK.

Created under CC0 license, using the logic of shanzhai, the PINK logo by Victoria’s Secret becomes 10000 generative PUNK logos and textures.

PUNK includes AR app, avatar integration, and the physical item redemption.

PUNK holders have access to three assets: $PUNKY, a redeemable NFC chip-enabled physical PUNK tracksuit (expected to ship in early 2023), and a PUNK logo, together, creating an interoperable, interactive experience.

PUNK asset capabilities include 3D interaction inside Tribute Web, AR interaction inside the Tribute App, utilization as an avatar, redemption of NFC-enabled physical assets, PFP generation, socialization inside Tribute Street, and the creation of a downloadable 3D model.

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