How to get PUNK

Connect and get Tribute Brand assets.

  • Connect to Tribute Web with your crypto wallet or choose PAPER.XYZ.

    PAPER.XYZ can create a wallet for you and enable purchase with credit card.

    If you use crypto, make sure you have an active crypto wallet that is compatible with a list of supported wallets on our website.

    Currently we support:

  • PUNK is available at a price of 0.03 ETH (≈ USD 50.45) + gas fees. Gas fees are related to the network cost for transaction of the asset on the blockchain. The fees usually update every ~30s and can cost up to a few dollars per asset.

  • PUNK is available in a limited amount of 10000 units. As the owner, you will be able to experience PUNK as a unique 3D asset that can be used in AR and as an avatar, a generative logo that can be your PFP, and a physical PUNK tracksuit that is going to be eligible for preorder soon.

    Before connection and purchase make sure you are on the right website Only use information and links from our verified accounts @tribute_brand on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok.

  • To experience $PUNKY in AR, download our Tribute App and import assets via QR code available on the homepage button IMPORT TO TRIBUTE APP. One QR code scan is available for importing all of your assets.The app is currently available for iOS only.