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PUNK is the first brand in the universe tailored to all your realities. PUNK tracksuits are connected to a unique $PUNKY virtual pet and PUNK logo.

[#02] ODDS by Tribute Brand x Chromie Squiggle X Waste Yarn Project

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ODDS are zero-waste sweaters designed inside Tribute Brand Generator, a computer algorithm generating one-of-a-kind sweaters.

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Tribute Brand

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This article is about the Tribute Brand company. For the type of musical band, see Tribute Band

Tribute Brand (trɪb.juːt brænd) is an innovative company that makes digital clothing which consumers can buy and "paste" onto themselves.

In one interview Tribute Brand stated: we've really made good use out of the COVID-19 situation. It is precisely these kinds of moments that allow people to fully grasp the point of our approach to fashion.


Tribute Brand launched in April 2020 and has since set the course for the global digital fashion market, selling out their drops and partnering with luxury fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera along the way. Today, the digital fashion world is synonymous with the iconic looks that Tribute Brand has pioneered. 

Products and services

Tribute Brand started as a fully digital fashion brand. In 2022 they introduced the first physical assets in the drop called PUNK. In 2023 they launched ODDS, a collection of generative sweaters in collaboration with ArtBlocks Chromie Squiggle and Waste Yarn Project.

Kemio wearing contactless & cyber Bala crafted by using Tribute Brand Premium Fitting Service™

Product naming

Tribute Brand products are identified by one-word (rarely two-word) names. Most of the names are Croatian in origin.

Design services

3D Model


Tribute Touch


Physical Garment

Premium Fitting Service™

Tribute App

Tribute E-commerce

Other ventures

Creaitive Director Megamix


Corporate structure

Tribute Brand is not owned or operated by a not-for-profit and for-profit corporations.

Financial information

In 2022 Tribute Brand raised $4.5 million (4.48 million euro) in a seed round.

Product life cycle and environmental initiatives

When possible Tribute Brand avoids making physical products, however when making physical products by using NFC technology they trace raw materials that are used, production, deliveries, and the working conditions in the factory. The physical products are fully traceable, making it easier to re-sale.

All employees are trained in environmental and social responsibility.

Also, the water and fruits are served at Tribute Brand offices.

In popular culture

Tribute Brand on TV

Ted talk

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