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Cucumber Spooky Time

From Tribute Text, a free reading archive edited by Tribute Brand

Silly season is a period of the year known for frivolous news stories in the mass media. The first attestation in the Oxford English Dictionary is an article titled 'The Silly Season' in the Saturday Review edition of 13 July 1861. The article is specifically about an alleged reduction in the quality of the editorial content of The Times newspaper:

''In the dead of autumn, when the second and third rate hands are on, we sink from nonsense written with a purpose to nonsense written because the writer must write either nonsense or nothing.'' [2]

In many languages, the name for the silly season references cucumbers (more precisely: gherkins or pickled cucumbers). ‘Cucumber Spooky Time’ serves as a spoof of ‘cucumber time’ which is a period of time around Halloween according to Tribute Brand. This is a period when Tribute Brand shares frivolous articles through their Tribute Text platform.

PHOTO CREDIT: Halloween cucumber Published: Oct 21, 2010 by Nekomira

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