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There is strong evidence that suggests that we express easier in anonymity, and the internet and digital platforms are the perfect places to hide our true selves. Web3 and digital avatars, using the realm of blockchains and cryptocurrencies allow us to choose an appearance that is not necessarily anthropomorphic (e.g. a cube, sock, cloud, unicorn, nail, smoke, song) as you are ‘data’.  

Two Generations of Digital Avatars

The first generation of digital avatars is PFP and is designed to lead to IRL experiences. PFP for example is a Linkedin profile picture that is meant to make you look neat in appearance, and communicate reliability, competence, and ethics, the pictures for dating and sex sites, where profile pictures are curated versions of our best self, projecting good genes, health, libido, clean genitals, wealth, and more recently Crypto Punks or Bored Apes.

The second generation avatar is 3D Avatar. The ‘second generation’ of avatars are not designed to lead to IRL experiences. As a 3D avatar on web3, you are able to interact in a fully virtual world where you can shop, work, sweat at the gym, and socialize.


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