[#01 available now] PUNK tracksuit

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PUNK is the first brand in the universe tailored to all your realities. PUNK tracksuits are connected to a unique $PUNKY virtual pet and PUNK logo.

[#02] ODDS by Tribute Brand x Chromie Squiggle X Waste Yarn Project

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already generated sweaters

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ODDS are zero-waste sweaters designed inside Tribute Brand Generator, a computer algorithm generating one-of-a-kind sweaters.

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Digital Fashion

From Tribute Text, a free reading archive edited by Tribute Brand

Digital fashion involves creating and using clothing and accessories designed for digital environments. Unlike traditional fashion, digital fashion is entirely virtual, utilizing 3D modeling, augmented reality (AR), and other digital technologies.

Origins and Development

Digital fashion began in video games, allowing players to customize avatars. As technology advanced, the design and realism of digital garments improved. This evolution opened new revenue streams through virtual garments, NFTs, and generative fashion attracting major brands and designers to explore digital collections and virtual runway shows.

BICA dress from Tribute Brands OG line


  1. Virtual Worlds: Platforms like Fortnite allows users to dress avatars in digital fashion items.

  2. Social Media: Influencers and brands use digital fashion to create unique content with digital garments or AR filters

  3. Sustainable Fashion: It offers a sustainable alternative by eliminating physical materials and reducing waste.

  4. Customization: High levels of customization enable personalized virtual looks.

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