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PUNK is the first brand in the universe tailored to all your realities. PUNK tracksuits are connected to a unique $PUNKY virtual pet and PUNK logo.

[#02] ODDS by Tribute Brand x Chromie Squiggle X Waste Yarn Project

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already generated sweaters

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ODDS are zero-waste sweaters designed inside Tribute Brand Generator, a computer algorithm generating one-of-a-kind sweaters.

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Generative Fashion

From Tribute Text, a free reading archive edited by Tribute Brand

Generative fashion is the aspect of fashion created by scripts, raw texts, images, videos, or other data using generative models such as AI. This approach allows for the creation of unique and diverse designs by leveraging the capabilities of new technologies to explore and produce fashion beyond traditional methods.

Generative fashion opens the door to co-creating with the customer but also to create unique limited-edition product drops such as collaborations between two brands.

In use

In 2023 Tribute Brand launched project ODDS using a generative script of Chromie Squiggle to build an online generator to produce 1of1 generative sweaters.


Generative fashion can design variations without having to produce expensive samples, vastly accelerating the design process. This efficiency reduces costs and speeds up the development and iteration of new fashion concepts.

ODDS generative sweaters

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