[#01 available now] PUNK tracksuit

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PUNK is the first brand in the universe tailored to all your realities. PUNK tracksuits are connected to a unique $PUNKY virtual pet and PUNK logo.

[#02] ODDS by Tribute Brand x Chromie Squiggle X Waste Yarn Project

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already generated sweaters

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ODDS are zero-waste sweaters designed inside Tribute Brand Generator, a computer algorithm generating one-of-a-kind sweaters.

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Generative Logo

From Tribute Text, a free reading archive edited by Tribute Brand

generative logo is a design of lettering that can include variations such as size, weight (e.g. bold), slope (e.g. italic), and width (e.g. condensed), in which the creator intentionally uses a computer-based algorithm to introduce randomness as part of the creation process.

The creator writes scripts on the blockchain, making the script permanent and verifiable by anyone, allowing anybody to run the script and create a unique image. Thanks to blockchain mechanisms, creators can now set in advance the number of iterations possible (number of pieces created), and potential owners are assured that they have an equal chance to get a rare version. What would have been impossible a few years ago is now enforced on a blockchain, which makes the whole process trustable by both parties.

PUNK generative logo

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