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PUNK is the first brand in the universe tailored to all your realities. PUNK tracksuits are connected to a unique $PUNKY virtual pet and PUNK logo.

[#02] ODDS by Tribute Brand x Chromie Squiggle X Waste Yarn Project

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ODDS are zero-waste sweaters designed inside Tribute Brand Generator, a computer algorithm generating one-of-a-kind sweaters.

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From Tribute Text, a free reading archive edited by Tribute Brand

In addition to the type, the Chromie Squiggle algorithm generates variability for the color spectrum of each output. Evocative of both the intensity of a neon sign and the natural form of a wave, the extremely rare Hyper-Rainbow spectrum rises and falls to form an unpredictable crest of color.

While Normal spectrum Squiggles have color sequences spread throughout the work, the Hyper-Rainbow is rare for the way the usual color spectrum is repeated in dense succession across its wave-like form. Approximately 1% of generated Squiggles are Hyper-Rainbow. The variability along multiple dimensions (type and spectrum) can result in ultra-rare emergent combinations, such as a Hyper-Fuzzy or Hyper-Bold.

Hyper-Rainbows ODDS are made in a tonal melange of multi-colored stripes in various sizes. They are knitted by hand on a manual machine.

Hyper-Rainbow Squiggle #804

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